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Copenhagen Denmark Main

The Wonders of Copenhagen Denmark

In the 11th century, a small fishing village began to grow out of the wilderness of dense forested lands surrounding a pristine harbor that became Copenhagen, Denmark. It became the capital in the 15th century as well as growing into an important port to the seas. Sitting on the islands of Amager and Zealand, it has become a transportation hub for the Scandinavian countries. The magnificent harbor helped the city and country grow in importance in commerce and trade. At one time, it was the crown of the Danish Empire and the glorious castles, cobbled stone squares and rooftops of copper are today a reminder and remainder of that fantastic time.

It has a spectacular history from Vikings to WWII and the German occupation, many times being attacked, burned, ransacked and bombed. Since that time, the city has grown in statue both in Europe and the world. Today, it is a center for science, media, business and culture; as well as having the biggest airport in Scandinavia. The city's harbor water is very clean and a delight to swim in, and since over one third of the people ride bicycles to work, the air is fresh and clean.

Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden were joined by a massive bridge/tunnel allowing autos, bikes, and trains to travel between the two cities/countries thereby increasing the areas of both cities. Great strides have been made into public transportation and this has helped the city of Copenhagen become more cosmopolitan and a leading tourist destination. The inner city is the oldest area of Copenhagen and called Middlealderbyen or Medieval City; but the most outstanding part is the district of Frederiksstaden; which was developed under the tutelage of Frederick V. The Amalienborg Palace is the central part and prominent there, is the dome of the Marble Church with many exquisite mansions from the 18th century. The little island of Slotsholmen in the Medieval City contains the Christiansborg Palace and Christianshavn. Numerous bouroughs were built around the older parts of the city in the 19th century when the city was able to grow larger.

Copenhagen is well recognized for its spires on churches and castles breaking above the houses along its skyline. Often called the city of spires, the city is a beautiful sight coming into the port on a large cruise line ship. The baroque spire of the Church of Our Saviour is always notice from afar.

Within the last few years, the city has blossomed with new architectural designs as well as other countries. Since 2000, the city has had a great resurgence of buildings going up with world renown architects, as well as getting international attention from their own designs as well. A British magazine named the city the world's best designed in 2008.

While the skyline has seen some changes lately, the government is making sure that no such buildings are erected in the older part of the city. Most of the building boom has been near the airport, with the biggest mall in Scandinavia built there. Other structures have also risen with an IT university and high school being included. Presently the 2 biggest hotels in Scandinavia are being constructed nearby and much more construction planned.

The city has long kept a tradition of green parks started by Christian IV in 1606, with over 2 and a half million visitors coming the magnificent parks each year. The King's Garden at Rosenborg Castle is the oldest and most seen with throngs of sunbathers, ballplayers and picnickers coming to enjoy the awesome scenery and serenity of its charm. It has sculptured gardens within and temporary exhibits sculpted there each year. The Botanical Gardens are well known for the many 19th century greenhouses, and Faelledparken is the biggest one in Copenhagen. Carnivals, concerts, sports and other events are held there every summer and the antique car race Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is a popular event. Kastellet and Frederiksberg are two other historical gardens enjoyed by the residents and visitors coming to the city. The Copenhagen Zoo is near Frederiksberg and has a spectacular elephant exhibit created by world-famous architect Norman Foster of Great Britain.
Often doubling with the parks are the city's cemeteries but only quieter things are allowed, like reading, meditation and sunbathing. Assistens Cemetery is one such place with the author Hans Christian Andersen buried there and Vestre Kirkegaard is the biggest with lakes, garden features, hedges, winding paths, beautiful lawns, dense groves, monuments and overgrown tombs.
A recent mandate has stated that a park or cemetery has to be within 15 minutes of residents, and it seems the city will continue to build until 2015 when it takes effect. The 3 beaches nearby Copenhagen are also within 15 minutes of bike riding or train. Harbor baths are along the waterfront and are there to be an addition to the beaches.

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Copenhagen Denmark Tours

 Tours in Copenhagen Denmark 

Touring in this wonderful city is fairly simple, since most of the greatest sites are arrayed together. Being put together in the way there are makes it easier to visit these sensational memorials either by bus, train, or walking. Some of the tours will start with a bus ride and then take you to the various monuments by walking. Others head to the harbor area to board a boat or ferry that will then take you around the harbor and its fantastic sights or drop you off to further investigate the museums, castles, gardens, shops, cafes, clubs, statues, sculptures and other famous landmarks that fill this gorgeous city by the bay with awesome spectacles of history and fame.

The city is home to many wonderful museums, many of which are internationally known. Nationalmuseet is Denmark's grandest museum of Cultural and archaeological history, with the National Museum; National Gallery, Statens Museum for Kunst, is the national museum housing collections from the 12th century to today. Housed here are representations of Rubens, Emil Nolde, Leger, Picasso, Matisse, Rembrandt and others. The NY Carlsber Glyptotek is another great museum with the tycoon-philanthropist own collection focusing on Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet and Renoir; with an awe inspiring sculptural collection. There are Greek, Roman and Egyptian with the biggest Rodin collection anywhere outside of France. Louisiana is an internationally acclaimed museum highlighted in Patricia Schultz's book of 1000 places to see before you die. Set in the midst of a exquisitely sculpted garden overlooking the harbor, this is one museum you must visit if there. In the old Frederiks hospital built in the 18th century, the Danish Museum of Art and Design resides. Other museums in the city include; Ordrupgaard, Cisternerne and the Thorvaldsens; with the famous works of Gaugin at the first.

Internationally known for its beautiful castles, Viking history and breathtaking fjords, Denmark is quickly becoming the jewel of the Scandinavian countries. Taking a tour through the city of Copenhagen is impossible without visiting or seeing a castle, although the brilliant crown jewels reside at the Rosenberg Castle, making it one of the most premier sites to visit. This decadent majestic castle with its tall spires climbing to the heavens holds the memories and histories of the Danish Empire.

One way to do it is by visiting the magnificent beaches near Skagen, where the gulf stream warms the waters year round.  When you are in the mood to eat, and after much walking, sightseeing, swimming or boating; you will be, try the Tyenkokkenhanskoneoghendeselsker, where the chefs are fantastic serving marvelously prepared dishes hereto unheard of; like the fish with coffee sauce mentioned. Who knows, you could stumble into the best restaurant you ever visited.

Remembering the centuries gone by, and the stories told, it is easy to think about the Vikings and their incredible sailing adventures around the world and into ours about a 1000 years ago. Now you can visit the Viking ship museum where 5 Viking ships that were salvaged from the fjords of Roskilde and completely renovated to their pristine condition. It is amazing that these ships still lay beneath the waters waiting until 1957 to be discovered, owing it all to the fantastic ship building abilities of these wondrous seafarers.

The World Clock tour is another great landmark that will give you a very beautiful view of the city for 360 degrees. You will need a guide to get to the top, but it is well worth it when you can study the exquisite movements of this fabulour clock. In the Children's Museum, within the larger Nationalmuseet, and is a fantastic exploration through time, light, sound and space traveling back to a 1900 era classroom, A Viking ship, castle and Africa; with area of toys from the past 2 centuries.   The Tycho Brahe Planetarium is a fantastic place to go with the family giving shows about the stars and planets that will teach and excite you about the universe we live in. Another unique park to take your family is the Bakken Amusement Park, said to be the oldest in the world, with some of the rides being very exciting because they have been there for a while.

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Copenhagen Denmark Things to do

Things to do in Copenhagen Denmark  

It has been said that the Danes drink more brew than anyone else in the world, maybe because the Carlsberg Brewery is located in Copenhagen and is one of the premier beers in the world. After consuming a few of these great beers, wander or meander over to the Legoland in Billund where 45 million blocks await you designing expertise.

Egeskov Castle is on the island of Fyn surrounded by moats, gardens and all kinds of lawns and crags. It is a great ride over on whatever kind of vessel you choose to take.  The Nyhavn is the waterfront along the harbor where sailors from long ago hung their caps and today's stores, shops and boutiques add to the mystery of this great city.

The Tivoli Gardens are one of those places where you will love it or not. It is something of a theme park set in a garden area that adds to the excitement of going there. But with a 188 things listed to do there, you can pick and choose what you want to do. Plenty of places to eat, sit and relax, and watch the people and world go by. It is your time and money, so you will have to decide; and plan, which is always the best choice to make before going to any destination you are not familiar with. The Science Museum is a great place to go, especially if you have children and want them to experience it all. Not only do you get beautiful views, you will learn about other times and items from those eras. Since most names and places are in Danish, spend some time translating what is what and go from there. The Royal Naval Museum is well worth the visit since this country was one of the great seagoing realms of the earth. There are wonderful bars, exquisite cuisine and marvelously friendly people willing to tell you all about their great country over a tall cold glass of beer.

A Ripley's Believe it or not is here giving you the European equivalent of what is in America and always worth the time. Try Somods Bolcher candy factory where you can see how all the delicious goodies are created and sampling a few will give you an idea of what you want to buy at their shop.
Stop by and see close hand the statue of the Little Mermaid immortalized by Hans Christian Andersen.
There are coffee house, clubs, bars, and the like all over the city, with shops, stores, boutiques intermittent for the traveler welfare.

Visit the famous brewery, Tuborg and see how this world known brew is made and get a sample to remind you of what great brew tastes like. The Royal Danish Theater is in the theater district giving awesome performances in theater and opera. Some of the numerous fountains in this city have the most wonderful sculptures and statues that can be found anywhere in the world and make for fantastic pictures.

Christainsborg Castle is a marvel to visit and see. Rebuilt numerous times because of different reasons, it stands today as a memorial to the strength, ingenuity and resourcefulness of this great people. Today, it stands with all three government powers in the same place; the only one of its kind in the world. It is an architectural marvel with incredible designs in three distinct styles. Originally built in 1176, for Bishop Absalon, it was known as Absalon's Castle; on a small island near the Copenhagen harbor. Surrounded by limestone cliffs, it stood until 1369 when it was demolished by the Hansa League because it was such a nuisance to their pirating escapades. Next, the Copenhagen Castle was built over the earthworks that were brought to cover the old castle's ruins. The limestone curtain wall was refurbished, a moat and huge tower to guard the entry gate were erected. In 1417, the castle was wrested from the Bishop of Roskilde and became Danish property and home of the king. Rebuilt many times, it finally became unstable in the 1720s so King Frederik IV rebuilt the entire castle. Unfortunately the walls began to crack and break away, so Christian VI decided that a completely different and new castle needed to be built; which was started in 1731. It became known as the Christiansborg Castle. Grounds and outer buildings were finally completed in 1745, however, the church and castle were part of a bad fire in 1794 and the renovation started again in 1803. An architect was brought in to do the job and decided on a French empire style; finishing it in 1828. In 1884, another fire went through the area and caused extensive damage, requiring another architect to rebuild many of the buildings again. While excavating, the ruins of Absalon and the Copenhagen Castles were uncovered and was decided to open it to the public, which they did in 1924. You can now visit those ruins and just imagine....

Another site listed over 350 things to do in Copenhagen, so it is doubtful that you will ever see it all or run out of things to do, places to go, or people to see. This is a gem in the crown of Europe, architecturally historical and spectacularly magnificent. A history buff's dream come true, with all the pomp and violence in one area. That the Vikings were the first Europeans to come to this land of ours and explore its pristine beauty without burning it to the ground or destroying vast tribes of Native Americans is something of a mystery. Since they were already used to the cold environments of the Scandinavian region, and the harsh living conditions of that era; it becomes a mystery we shall never understand or know. Perhaps somewhere in the many ruins of the country, manuscripts will be found answering those questions, until then we can only surmise or guess...