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Georgia was one of the last original thirteen colonies founded and is known to be one of the most populous states in the union. Georgia is also known as one the "Peach State" due to the great tasting Georgia Peaches that are grown in the state. Georgia is a state with beautiful scenery and many attractions for tourists and locals just as well to enjoy. The five largest cities in Georgia are Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, and Athens. Each of these cities offer great amenities such as Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Athens, the Masters Tournament in Augusta, and the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. There are more than 60 parks to visit all throughout the state such as the Andersonville National Historic Site, Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, and the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. Each of them has their own unique insights and variety of plant and animal life.

Georgia is also the home to many of the old and new musical talents such as R.E.M., Widespread Panic, Collective Soul, Ray Charles, Gladys Knight, and Outkast. There many events that occur in each city in Georgia as well all throughout the year that are always fun to check out when visiting. Georgia also shows a lot of it's antebellum past with strong displays. There is prosperity in the modern cities are shown along with the beauty in the national parks and forests and the cultural legacy that is displayed in the historic homes and sites. Georgia is the largest state that is east of Mississippi and has history that links to the rest of the nation. Human history in Georgia dates back about 13,000 years ago to the Paleoindian Period which is the end of the Ice Age.

The Atlanta International Airport has been reported to be the world's busiest passenger airport. Georgia has 107 public use airport but 9 of them are commercial aviation airports and 98 are general aviation airport. The state's capital is Atlanta but has had five capitals overall. There are 159 counties in the state and most of any state for that matter, except Texas who has 254. Georgia was the fourth state to be ratified to the United States Constitution on the day of January 2, 1788.

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Aquarium at UGA in Georgia

Attractions in Georgia

  The World of Coca Cola is located in Pemberton Place in Atlanta. The grand opening for the attraction was on May 24, 2007. This is the only place people can explore the whole entire story starting at the past, going through the present, and into the future. Coca Cola is known as the world's best brand and there are over 1,200 artifacts from all around the world to prove it. The facility is 60,000 square feet and has artifacts that have never been displayed to the public ever before. There are many interactive exhibits, multi-sensory 4-D movie that has 3D glasses with moving seats, and a fully functional bottling line. There is a special new exhibit that is on display through May of 2010 and it was put together by five contemporary artists from Georgia and California. The new exhibit is called Celebrating an Icon which is the coke bottle itself. This is truly a great attraction for the whole family.

The High Museum of Art is a very hard building to miss with its stark white structure and it being ultra modern. This has Atlanta's finest collection of classic and contemporary art. There are four interior levels that hold galleries from the 18th and 19th century collections on the lower levels and cutting edge art on the upper levels. This museum has three buildings attached and has increases its size to 312,000 square feet. The buildings were designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. The three buildings consist of the Susan and John Wieland Pavilion, the Anne Cox Chambers Wing for galleries, and an office building. The museum likes to host touring collections as well and exhibitions that feature artists like Pablo Picasso and Norman Rockwell. There are also displays of old prints from Abe Lincoln and of General William Tecumseh Sherman. Its a very interesting attraction for the family to enjoy while on vacation.

The University of Georgia Marine Education Center and Aquarium is located in Savannah and serves as a resource center for educators, students, and the public about coastal Georgia marine ecosystems. The exhibits at the center are on tidal creek, salt marsh, ocean environments and there are 14 tanks that hold native species. This is the only center that has a saltwater aquarium open to the public in Georgia. Its even a great place for kids, there is a model shrimp boat that the kids can climb on which is part of the shrimp industry exhibit. Visitors can also take a hike on two trails through the forest and along the marsh. This is not only an education center but it's an ordinary aquarium that is ready for the family to come and enjoy.

Babyland General Hospital is a very unique attraction that is located in Georgia. This is actually the place to go to take a tour of the famous Cabbage Patch Kids and see how and where they are born and be able to have the chance to adopt one as well. The Babyland General Hospital is actually located in the former Neal Clinic. The tour starts with the greetings of a staff member and some of the more outgoing kids. On the tour visitors get to see some of the babies that were born in the late 70's and early 80's who are on display in the fathers waiting room. From the fathers waiting room guests go to the Nursery where most of the Newborns are waiting to be adopted, then they are taken to the room where the preemies are held. There is a display where the kids are getting on the bus to go to Babyland Elementary for the older kids. There is a classroom and cafeteria for the older kids at the elementary school as well. The Magic Crystal Tree is where the babies are born and the guests get to see that happen as well. This is most definitely one of the most unique attractions in Georgia.

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The Wild Animal Safari in Georgia

Things to do and see in Georgia

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History is a fun and educational attraction for the family to visit while on vacation. This is the only place visitors can come face to face with the world's largest dinosaurs along with explore the development of life on Earth and connect cultures from all over the globe. Visitors can also see the stunning rotating special exhibits and the 5 story IMAX film. This museum first opened its doors in October of 1992 but the history began much earlier than this. The mission of the museum is to inspire a life long learning of natural history through dynamic programming to help people to get a better appreciation for our planet. The permanent exhibits consist of A Walk Through Time in Georgia, Giants of the Mesozoic, Sensing Nature, Reflections of Culture, The Children's Discovery Rooms, World of Shells, First Georgians, and Conveyed in Clay. Then of course there are Special Exhibits and much more to see.

 The Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, Georgia is just like a jungle in your own backyard. This safari is a very unique and interesting attraction as visitors can see, touch, and feed many exotic animals. Its all open and the animals are roaming freely. There are not many parks like this in the whole country so it is definitely an experience you will want to try. Animals are right next to your vehicle while you can touch them and feed them right from the vehicle your in. The different ways to experience this safari are by the Serengeti Adventure, the tour bus and there is a Walk-About as well. The Serengeti Adventure is about 3 and a half miles long and its on a paved road with animals that can just walk right up to the van and come face to face with you. On the Walk-About it is set up much like a zoo setting with the animals in their exhibit and you get to walk through and see them, some of those animals consist of primates, alligators, hyenas, wolves, and bears just to tell a few. There is a Safari Cafe and gift shop also available.

Stone Mountain sits on about 3,200 acres of land and natural beauty. It is full of fun family activities and things to do in the Atlanta area. There are also many annual events that go on according to the holiday and time of year that is very interactive as well. As far as scenic routes there is the Sky Hike and skyride as well as the scenic train that families can hop on and enjoy. There are festivals and events and Christmas in Stone Mountain is especially beautiful with all of the lights and snow on top the mountain. The children's activities consist of Crossroads, Antebellum Plantation & Farmyard, Journey to the Center of the Earth 4D Movie, Great Locomotive Chase Adventure Golf, The Great Barn, Camp Highland Outpost, Ride the Ducks, Lasershow Spectacular, and much more.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens are situated in Piedmont Park which is located right in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. These Botanical Gardens cover more than 30 acres along with display some of the most exotic and local flowers and plants from all over the world. There are conservatories in each garden that each have their own theme as well. There is The Tropical Rotunda that houses ferns, cycads, orchids, carnivorous plants and many more. Their mission statement is "to develop and maintain plant collections for display, education, research, conservation and enjoyment. There are inside and outside gardens, the inside collections are under glass and is called the Fuqua Conservation which includes the Lobby, Tropical Rotunda, Desert House, Special Exhibits, Orangerie, and Animals.