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Indiania Main

Indiana Wonders

The Hoosier state of Indiana is located in the Midwest, with Indianapolis as its capital and biggest city. Known across America as the home of the Indianapolis Colts, winner of Superbowl XLI, Indiana Pacers basketball team and the biggest car racing event in the world, the Indianapolis 500. They are known are Hoosiers because of their fanatic love for the game of basketball. How the name came about is not known, but many wild stories have tried to explain it. Indiana in Native American tongue means "Indian land", used by Congress in 1768 to describe the Indiana Land Company. Near Evansville, in the southwestern area of the state, are the Angel Mounds State Historic Site, perhaps the best prehistoric site in America relating to the Native American tribes.

A deer bone tool was unearthed by the University Of Indianapolis archeology department in 2003 carbon dating it to about 8,400 B.C. and helping to form the idea that the indigenous tribes of the plains earlier than previously imagined. The Mississippi tribe was erecting huge cities (30,000 people) in 900 A.D. and great earthworks but no longer could be found after 1450 A.D.
The first European encounter and record was around the 1670s, when the French explorers claimed it for France. Almost a century later, it became an English possession after the French and Indian War. However, the English didn't hold onto it for too long when only 2 decades later, it became a part of America after the revolution. When the United States took over the state, only 2 towns were established, so in 1800, the Indiana Territory was created and immigration began. William Henry Harrison took governorship and he initiated the buying of millions of acres from the Indian nations. In 1816, it became the 19th state in the union and the time of transition began in earnestness. Roads, canals, public schools and railroads helped pave the way for the growth of the new state. Although the government of the state almost went under, the value of the state increased four times as to what it was. The amount of people in the state passed the one million mark sometime after 1850. It was very political during the Civil War and helped get the state's militias into the service. The soldiers of Indiana were involved in just about every battle in the war and it was equally important after, as it was considered a swing state. After the war, it became the center of labor unions and the suffrage movement.

In the late 1800s, a gas discovery led to the beginning of the industrial revolution in the state and early in the next century, it started a manufacturing boom. During the depression, it underwent some problems, but it also built the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and automobile and steel mills sprouted up. After the second World War, it started to develop into a major pharmaceutical state, since Eli Lilly and other pharma companies relocated to the area.
In the northwest corner of the state, near Calumet, the largest steel producing area in the U.S. is located. Also, the state is producing medical devices, factory machinery, rubber, automobiles, chemical products, petroleum and coal products, electrical equipment and transportation equipment. Since it is located in the corn belt, the agricultural products are mint, grapes, tomatoes, corn, tobacco and melons.

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Indiana Tours

Indiana Tours

Tours in the state of Indiana are as diversified as the state itself is. In the capital is the well known Children's Museum, as well as the beautiful state museum that sits by the White River that runs through the city. The Children's Museum actually has a life sized Tyrannosaurus Rex and inside the museum there are 3 distinguished venues. In the city, there are many tours taking you from one end to the other, as well as traveling through history. The many restaurants and varieties will satisfy the most discriminate palate. Walking tours are a favorite here, especially at the Indiana War Memorial Plaza Historic District, where 7 blocks are dedicated to the fighting men of the state. Sculptures abound everywhere and you will need to keep your camera handy for the appearance. The walking tours will enlighten you the history, preservation, urbanization and architecture of this amazing city. Visit Lockerbie Square, Indiana Avenue, the historic downtown areas and the vast canal system. Similar to Greenwich Village in NYC, the Broad Ripple Village is a wonderful example to view the art scene, visit art galleries, shop at the unique boutiques, and sample some fantastic food; all set beside the gorgeous river. The village is full of excellent exhibitions and holds numerous cultural events throughout the year.

With venues like the Museum of Art, the zoo, White River Gardens, the Hall of Fame Museum, the motor speedway and Garfield Park Conservatory and Public Gardens; you will always be busy and enthralled by the abundance of places to tour and visit. And you haven't even left the capital yet.

All the tours can be personalized or for groups, so that every visitor can enjoy or be amazed at the amount of tours that happen here in Indiana. The state is home to the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial.
In 1779, at Fort Sackville in the Indiana territory, an American colonel named George Rogers Clark brought his men through freezing floodwaters to make sure that the British were defeated and with the help of Frenchmen from Illinois; did. The land that he won was almost as big as the 13 colonies themselves. With just 170 men, the colonel marched for 18 days, through frozen waters that sometimes were as high as their shoulders, to accomplish this astonishing feat. The memorial that sits at the National Historical Park that bears his name is a lasting testimony that courage, fortitude and valor can do anything that a man wants. There are inspiring murals here that will also testify to that very difficult journey.

Sitting on the southern end of Lake Michigan, the Dunes as they are known hold an amazing amount of intrigue for the visitor and also the locals that spend many summer days swimming in the cool waters and enjoying the dunes. Here you will see bank swallows, karner blue butterflies, huge draft horses working at the Chellberg Farm and beautiful stretches of sandy beaches swept every time a wave breaks on the shore. White-tail deer can be occasionally seen running along the waters edge. At some time in the past famous people like Carl Sandburg and Frank Dudley have visited the dunes for inspiration.  Years ago, people would find beautiful pieces of petrified wood; although over the years, they may have disappeared as there were no rangers to make sure that the treasures didn't walk off.  It was very exciting to be walking along the water's edge and discover one of these wonderful pieces of wood from eons ago.

At the Lincoln Memorial, you will be awed by the mountains of information about this country's most famous and favorite President. Here the online site holds the most complete amount of information about our beloved President and has the collected works of Lincoln printed in 1953; containing his speeches, writings and correspondence.

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Indiana things to do

Things to do in Indiana

In the southern parts of Indiana, lie the beautiful and exciting caverns that have thrilled people of all ages and from all parts of the world. In the Harrison-Crawford State Forest, the Wyandotte Caves are a mystery below the earth's surface. Huge passageways that lead into incredibly large rooms with brilliant crystals and unbelievable formations offer the visitor a moment in another world. There are three fantastic tours that will take you through the massive caves on a journey to the center of the earth and beyond. Marengo Caves are another choice or chance to enjoy this awesome experience. Hiking, canoeing and camping are all available at the park and you can even stay in one of the cabins available to visitors. The walking tours are another exciting way to explore the park's magnificence, one called the Maze Crawl, and another going to the gemstone mining areas. Blue Springs Caverns are another set of caverns that will take you to an unbelievable underground river, complete with waterfalls, whitewater and beautiful formations.  

Here in the state, you can exhaust yourself with camping, tours, self guided or guided, skiing in season, relax and pamper yourself with the plush resorts and marvelous cuisine, do all the water sport activities that you can think of and golf at some of the best courses in the Midwest and with over 400 to choose from that will be difficult. The fishing is fabulous and the many trails will let you hike until you can't walk anymore. Biking is another option, since the state is rather flat and no major hills to worry about or kill you. The scenery throughout the state is fantastic and as varied as the ideas you can think of to keep going and going.

Take a day and visit the Holiday World Amusement Park in the town of Santa Claus and get goosebumps riding the roller coasters. Spend a bit of money at the riverboat casino or spend the day at the Eiteljorg Museum of American West and Native America. In the winter, you can try ice fishing at the Patoka Lake, the best in the state. While you are there keep your eyes open for the nesting bald eagles. If you are a wine connoisseur, then try some of the wineries at Bloomington, home to Indiana University. For the ghost hunter, there are numerous walking tours that will help you to investigate the stories about the paranormals that live here and thrive. You can also enjoy the thrill of the hunt from the luxury of a bus or limo used to transport some of the ghosts to where they should have been laid to rest. Visit some of the insane asylums that are famous for their ghostly guests You can peruse the Ghost Hunters Encyclopedia of Haunted Indiana that will tell you where to go and who to see or should that be who you won't see.  The state holds 84 cities that have many attractions in each city, like Indianapolis where you will find 47 spectacular things to do.

At the Fort Harrison State Park, you will have many things you can do, as it sits on a 1700 acre site. A prisoner-of-war camp is there, as well as a picnic area, bike trails, horseback riding trails, walking, jogging, hayrides, nature center and fishing. There are well informed naturalists and guides to help you with anything you need or wish to know.

There is a Medal of Honor Memorial in Indianapolis that recognizes the sacrifice that these courageous people gave to their country and fellow Americans. The Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church is also in the city where over 150 years ago it was a layover of the underground railroad for the people escaping their slave masters and is now the oldest black church in the city. A beautiful Gothic era cathedral is the home of the Scottish Rite Cathedral. The Sacred Hear of Jesus Catholic Church was a German National church started in 1875 to give the German immigrants a place to worship; with incredible stained glass windows, hand-carved woodwork, handcrafted statues, beautiful altars and artistic painting. The Christ Church Cathedral built in 1857 and on the National Register of Historic Places is recognized for its exquisite Tiffany stained glass windows. The home of former President Benjamin Harrison is also here for people to view.  The city of Indianapolis is quite impressive with its many sites, attractions, exhibits, statues, sculptures and beauty; as is the wonderful state of Indiana.