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Naples, Italy

General Facts and History on Naples

Naples is known for its rich history, art, culture, and gastronomy while it is located between two volcanic areas which are the volcano Mount Vesuvius and the Phlegraean Fields and sits right on the edge of the Gulf of Naples. This city is over 2,800 years old and plays a very important role in its existence. It was founded by Ancient Greeks and they called it New City. The city has a wide effect with music, it is a strong part in Neapolitan culture. There is an event called the romantic guitar and the mandolin, they even have strong contributions to opera and folk music.

The main styles in architect for Naples are from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. One feature of Naples is that it has 448 historical churches which makes it one of the most Catholic cities in the world. The main city square, also known as piazza, is the Piazza del Plebiscito. It is located on the east side of Naples by the Royal Palace as well as on the west side of Naples by the chuech of San Francesco di Paola.

Naples is also known for its historic castles such as the ancient Castel Nuovo which is one of the most notable features for the city. This castle has hosted many religious events such as the resigning of Pope Celestine in 1294 and the election of Pope Boniface VIII. As well as many castle's and churches. there are also many museums to explore. One of the main museums is the Naples National Archaeological Museum. This museum is considered as one of the most important for artifacts for the Roman Empire in the world.

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Top Attractions of Naples

The Naples National Archaeological Museum is located at the northwest corner of the original Greek wall of theToro Farnese from the Naples National Archaeological Museum city. The museum has a huge collection of Roman artifacts from artists Pompeii, Stabiae and Herculaneum. They are art and works from the highest quality from Greek, Roman and Renaissance times. The main collection in the museum is the Farnese collection which has a collection of engraved gems. Some of these gems include the Farnese Cup, a Ptolemaic bowl that is made up of sardonyx agate and then there is the most famous piece in the museum called the "Treasure of the Magnificent." This is founded in the gems collection by Cosmo de Medici and Lorenzo il Magnifico during the 15th century.


Painting from The Museum of CapodimonteMuseo di Capodimonte also known as The Palace and Museum of Capodimonte is a grand Bourbon palazzo in Naples, Italy. In this palace is the main museum and art gallery of the city. "Capodimonte" meand "top of the hill", originally the palace was located just outside of the city but now it is expanded to surround it. On the first and second floors of the house are the Galleria Nazionale (National Gallery). In this galleria are paintings from the 13th to the 18th centuries including works from these artists: Simone Martini, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, El Greco, and many more. Most say this museum is the best place to paintings of the Neapolitan School. Some other artists with works in the museum are Jusepe de Ribera, Luca Giordano, the Neapolitan Caravaggisti and many more. Most of the ground floor is covered with art from the Farnese collection. 


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Tours in Naples, Italy

Naples Hop on Hop off Tours are a great way to see the city. This tour shows visitors the color and flavor of the city as well as the rich culture. There are three different routes for the tour, the first one is the Art Tour which will show visitors the wonderful art of the city. The Art Tour is about 75 minutes long. The second tour is the Bay of Naples Tour which shows visitors the mythical gulf as well as the Villa Communale garden and much more. This tour lasts for about 75 minutes. The third tour is the San Martino Tour which only takes place on Saturday and Sunday and lasts about 100 minutes.

The Pompeii and Vesuvius Tour will pick visitors up from their hotels at 7:30AM every day. This tour consist of aPompeii and Vesvius Tour in Naples whole entire day and is escorted by a guide and a deluxe motor coach. This tour shows visitors how the Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius back in 79 AD. It was then covered in a thick layer of lapilli and ash. Visiting the ruins will show you many artifacts that are well preserved and it will give you the proof of prosperity of the town from the past. After seeing Mount Vesuvius there is an optional lunch at one of the restaurants and then a 3,000 feet up to Vesvius in a bus and then its on foot to the crater for a visit with a local authorized guide. Before returning home there is a quick visit to the cameos and corals factory.

The Paestum is an archaeological site and has been known as a romantic ruin for a thousand years. It is located in the middle of the wilderness. It has Doric temples that are hardly surpassed even by the noble Athens that produce a great effect of majesty and grandeur. This is a very small site but many visitors like to just relax and spend time enjoying the peacefulness. There is a museum with findings from this site where you can see the tomb paintings, in which one is called "Tomb of the Diver." It is the only existing example of Greek wall painting in or around Italy.


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