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 France and the Nice International Airport

Nice, Italy

General Facts and History on Nice

Nice is in Southern France, located on the Mediterranean coast in between Marseille, France, and Geona, Italy. Nice is a major tourist city as well as a major resort on the French Riviera. It is also the historical capital city of the County of Nice. The first human settlement in and around Nice goes back to about 400,000 years ago. They say it is estimated to be founded in about 350 BC by the Greeks of Massilia and was first named Nikaia. It became one of the busiest trading ports on the Ligurian coast very quickly.

Nice has many famous landmarks, one of them is the Promenade des Anglais which is a long walkway that run alongside of the Mediterranean sea. It was first built in the 1830's and it is lined with many elegant hotels, restaurants, and shops. The main square in Nice is Place Massena. It is located in the major artery of the city called Medecin. In the Plaza is the Galleries Lafayette that many tourists enjoy a day at.

The transportation is a major thing in Nice, France. There are many ways of getting from one place to another whether its the airport, train station, coach station, the Port of Nice, public transportation, or the ferry service. Some of the air lines for the International Airport in Nice are Air Berlin, Air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, BLU express, Easyjet, German Wings, Sterling Airlines, and Virgin Express. The train station is about 20 minutes up Avenue Jean Medecin from almost anywhere in Nice. The bus station is called Gare Routiere and is located between Place Massena and Nice's Acropolis Convention Center. The ferry service goes from Nice to St-Tropez, La Corniche d'Or, Corsica, Monaco, and San Remo.

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Top Attractions of Nice

 The Massena Museum just reopened in March of 2008 after a renovation. Outside the building are gardens thatThe Massena Museum in Nice, France surround it which make it a beautiful sight. It was first built in 1898 and was designed into a style of Italian villas until 1901. In 1917 Andre Massena gave it to Nice and it was then transformed into a historic museum in 1921. On  the first floors there are three galleries that represent Nice from 1792 until fall of the empire in 1814, Nice under the Restauration Sarde, and Nice from 1860 until 1914. On the second and third floor is the history of Nice in chronological order. Inside the museum is both natural and artificial lighting to make it glow and from the upper levels is a great view of the sea.

The Picasso Museum in Nice, FranceThe Picasso Museum was originated by Pablo Picasso himself. He said "I'm not only going to paint, I'll decorate the museum too." Pablo had part of the museum as his studio for his work. Picasso used very unusual types of products for his paintings such as house paint, fibrocement, and plates. His paintings show how happy he was to live in a country that was once free again. There are also other artists with exhibits in the museum such as Joan Miro, Bernard Pages, Anne and Patrick Poirier. Outside on the terrace of the museum is an exhibit of sculptures by Germaine Richier. Visitors say this museum is breathtaking.


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Things to do in Nice, France

The Cathedrale Orthodox Russe St-Nicolas a Nice is also known as a turn of the century cathedral. It was a tributeThe Cathedrale Orthodox Russe St-Nicolas in Nice France to a late Tsarevitch who was claimed by tuberculosis in 1865. The cathedral is known as a superior example of sacred architecture by a polychromatic masterpiece that is made of brick and marble. In the cathedral visitors can see the hand carved woodwork, religious icons, and its beauty. The most famous feature is the gilded onion domes that are recognizable throughout the whole city.


The Monument aux morts faces the sea and is a monument to the dead. It was built entirely Monument aux morts in Nice Francefrom white stone and is known to be a magnificent monument in France. This white stone building is lighted to it transfigures the style of the building that has a huge open space right in front. There are about 3,655 names that are displayed in remembrance from World War II. All of the registration numbers of the fallen soldiers were placed in a urn for a place to remember them. The 3,655 were carved into columns where a funeral pyre was with an eternal flame. It is not only a sightseeing place for tourists but a place for locals who remember the war and for them to remember their loved ones.

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