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Cincinnati Main

The Wonders of Cincinnati Ohio

Originally Losantiville in 1788, garnered from 4 different languages; os is Latin for mouth, anti is Greek for opposite, ville is French for city and the L was taken off licking river; the meaning of the word; city opposite the mouth of the licking river, Cincinnati became the name of this city in 1790 by the governor of the northwest territory, who was a member of the Cincinnatus society. Cincinnati, sitting on the Ohio River, became a chartered village in 1802 and a city in 1819. When steamboats became available on the Ohio in 1811, and the Miami and Erie Canal were completed; the city began to grow quickly. Set in southwestern Ohio, on the Ohio-Kentucky border, it was thought to be the first inland boomtown in the 19th century, with an American population.

In the poem "Catawba Wine" by Longfellow, who referred to the city as the "Queen of the West", the citizens of the city quickly decided it was going to be the nickname.
Sandusky Bay on Lake Erie was soon connected by the Little Miami Railroad in 1836 and it contributed to the growing economy of the city and its people. In 1853, the fire department became the first full time paid department and to use steam engines. In 1859, the city laid streetcar lines and that assisted the people in the city to get around much better. It was during this time that the Cincinnati Red Stockings began playing baseball and later became the Reds. In 1869, the team became professional and the first in the country to do so.

The city played a major role in the Civil War as a supply and troop deport for the Union army, as well as the headquarters of the state's War Department. These troops were responsible for the defense of Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. However, due to the closeness of the city to the south, the Copperhead movement took shape in 1863 and the city was put under martial law; especially since Morgan's Raiders of the Confederacy were making raids in the area. They never did attack the city, but Cincinnati was alert and well defended anyway.

Proctor and Gamble were manufacturing soap in the city and in 1879 started Ivory soap. The first factory burned down, so they moved to the Mill Creek area and it soon became known as Ivorydale. It made it through the Great Depression because of river trade, and built the Union Terminal, a post office and Bell Telephone building. One of the worst floods in the country's history hit the city and flood walls were built. After the second World War, a major renovation plan started for the inner city, although many jobs and businesses went under due to the deindustrialization in the 1950s. The 70s brought Riverfront Stadium and Coliseum since the Reds were doing so well. During the new millennium years, two new stadiums were built for the two Cincinnati teams; the Reds and the Bengals. The Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art opened in 2003 and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in 2004. It is presently planning the Banks, which will be a 24 hour operation of clubs, offices, homes with marvelous views and restaurants. The city is well known for containing one of the biggest collections of 19th century German architecture in the country and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Cincinnati Tours

 Cincinnati Ohio  Tours

The Cincinnati Historical Society offer many great tours of the city's best treasures and sights. Their guides will give you the finest of yesterday and today, a perfect blending of the city's greatest architecture and vintage structures. You can book either public or private tours, with any amount of people. A fantastic way to view the city's skyline and shoreline is to take one of the riverboats offering magnificent views of the Ohio River and the city. Food and beverages are available with either lunch, dinner or full day cruises.

There are bus tours that will allow you to sit in comfort, listening to an informative and knowledgeable guide, viewing the sights of the city. Another includes taking a tour along the Ohio on a 110 foot yacht. Try a really fabulous tour on the Queen City Rail Tours with different themes at night, as well as wine tasting. And speaking of wine, visit Meier's Wine Cellars where they have been making fine vintage wine for over 100 years and is the biggest and oldest in the state. You will tour the winemaking facility and the barrel aging area, then head to the tasting, testing area and finally end up in the shop where you can purchase anything that has pleased your palate.

For the haughtier among you, try the Ghosts of the Queen City tour that is all but an ordinary ghost hunt. You will depart and ride on a comfortable bus, but you will disembark to actually go to the sites of known hauntings. No one under 12 is permitted and it takes about 2 hours. They don't have a specific itinerary, with some quite infamous and others not so. No guarantee of ghosts are given, however, in the past some scary things have occurred.
Woodstone Creek Winery and Distillery is another great place to visit and spend your time learning all the details about making this great wine and tasting it at the end.

If you are arriving by plane, you have the opportunity to take a limo from the airport to various sights of interest. You can also rent an auto to take you wherever you find something of interest, with the ability to stop and visit as long as you want. There are other limo tours available in the city, as well as vans and buses. There are numerous that involve walking which is the best way to view it all since you will be able to stop and view without looking at your watch the whole time or rushing through because you only have a certain amount of time allowed.

A one man tour company is another venue of seeing it all, plus the added bonus of hearing about all the interesting and not so well known facts about the Queen City of the West. You will visit the Fountain Square, the Rookwood Pottery, Music Hall, Church of the Steps, Lytle Park, Paul Brown Stadium, the building with five stories with each floor leading to the street, Basilica of the Assumption, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Main Strasse Village and much much more. This man can show you where WKRP is, film locales such as Home Bodies, Rain Man, Traffic, Little Man Tate, and Rage in Harlem. This man is full of information not given on ordinary tours and will make you laugh and enjoy your time with him to the very fullest.

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Things to do in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Ohio Things to do 

Visiting the Krohn Conservatory is a wonderful way to start your day or finish it, with its beautiful display of flowers, plants and trees. Set within a huge terrarium, complete with 100 year old bonsais, you will see orchids of exquisite delights, butterflies and exotic foliage from around the world. Best of all, it doesn't cost. Neither does the Roebling Suspension Bridge, which is a marvel of modern engineering feat. Walking across would be the best way, as the sights of the river and city shoreline is spectacular; even more so at night.

The Great American Ball Park is now home to the league's oldest team, with memorabilia from its historical start right through today. There is an art gallery to help visualize the whole thing. A great place to spend some time or possibly catch a game. And please don't forget to visit the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum, with much more than just baseball artifacts, get the whole story of this great team.

The Cincinnati Art Museum is another venue that will certainly please and surprise you with the 60,000 works of art covering 6,000 years of man's struggle to create beauty. The American Sign Museum is one museum that will surprise you, especially with the huge amount of signs that have evolved over the years.
And if you love visiting museums and enjoy all the various wonders of the past, then the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal will thrill you to no end. Set within the confines of the fantastically renovated Art Deco train station, are the Children's Museum, History Museum, Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. This is one of the best places to visit in Cincinnati.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a awesome museum to see, with all the information and memorabilia relating to the struggle of slaves to gain their freedom. How ironic the entire struggle seems when we started this great country to give all men the rights and freedoms that we all enjoy today; yet, we denied these courageous people, stolen, ripped from their families and forced them to suffer through the most indignant means of travel. A must see for every American Christian.

William Howard Taft National Historic Site is here to inform you and show you all about the 27th president. The Taft Museum of Art is a spectacular vision of exquisite majesty. Set within a 175 year old Federal style structure, this private collection could very well be one of the finest museums in the country, if not the world. American and European paintings of magnificent status, with paintings by Rembrandt, Frank Duveneck, Troyon, Ingres, Terborch, Corot, Pieter de Hooch as well as artifacts from China, including extraordinary porcelains, sculpture and other objet d'art.

Another stop should include the Harriet Beecher Stowe House, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin.
The Cincinnati Fire Museum is a great place to explore since this is the city with the first full time fire department in the country.

Besides the wonderful museums, attractions and exhibits, Cincinnati has numerous parks, golf courses and local sights that will keep you very busy. With over 60 individual areas of interest in the city alone, all that will affect your great vacation is the amount of time that you have to use or fill. If you do enjoy religious sites, then you will have plenty to visit and become inspired with here.  Coney Island is a great way to spend the day with your family since it contains so many water rides, slides and the world's biggest recirculating pool in the world.

One place that might interest you is the abandoned subway sitting beneath the city and some of the residents of this city are not even aware of it. Bond money was received in 1916 for a 16 mile stretch of subway through the city's main business district. The money ran out in 1925, with only seven miles dug. There are no rails, just walls and ceilings, in a 2 mile stretch left, since much of it was bulldozed in the 50s and 70s to make way for the highway. There is a lot of speculation and some quite interesting stories about the subway, but nothing for sure and nothing stated in the sites about the city's places of interest. Information about the site is available on the transit site that has had over 10,000 visitors trying to find out about it. It would be for you to find out about this particular gem.