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Portland, Oregon

 Portland, Oregon

Portland is a city of the state of Oregon in the Northwestern part of the Unite States. The city was first incorporated in 1851 and has been known as "The City of Roses" for more than a century. The International Rose Test Garden is widely known in the city of Portland. On February 8, 1851 when the city was incorporated, it had more than 800 inhabitants, a team sawmill, a log cabin hotel, and a newspaper called the Weekly Oregonian. Portland extends slightly into the shadow of Oregon City which gave it an advantage over its older peer. For most of the 19th century, Portland was the major port in the Pacific Northwest.         

Portland has one of the most extensive and advanced mass transit system in the United States that is also award winning. There are buses, streetcars, historic trolleys, and the MAX train that are included in the transit system for Portland. Walking was in mind when building Portland which means there are short blocks that are combined with public art and old fashion style. There are fountains, bridges and parks which give the feeling of leisure and relaxation. Portland has walking tours that are held in the downtown area which focuses on what is said to be the best of the city including art, architecture, urban parks and fountains.          

Portland's climate is a Mediterranean type of climate with warm Summers, mild to cold Winters, unpredictable Springs, and beautiful Falls. The arts and culture of Portland is just amazing, they have creative things, outlandish things, and beautiful things always happening. There are cultural cascades, cultural tours, culinary arts, live music, museums and galleries, performing arts, and much more. Some of the other things Portland offers are outdoor activities, lodging, nature in the city, tax free shopping, tours, wine tours, and so much more.         

The nightlife in Portland, Oregon also can not be forgotten with the world class performances of the internationally known Oregon Symphony. There is also the performing arts which offers ballet, Shakespeare, Broadway musicals, modern dance, and of course much more. Portland also offers art gallery walks that are located on the Westside of Portland and in the Northeast part of Portland. There are also many pubs and brewhouses in the city that are well worth tasting the local microbrews which is considered a great way to spend the evening. The International Rose Garden is also a very attractive place to visit when traveling to Portland as well.  

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Attack Submarine at Oregon Museum of Science & Industry

Attractions in Portland

The Oregon Zoo was created by Richard Knight in 1887 and is the oldest zoo to the west of the Mississippi. The Oregon Zoo holds animals that are from all over the world such as Asian Elephants, Peruvian penguins, and Arctic polar bears. The zoo has many different exhibits as well with the mist filled Africa Rain Forest and the majestic Great Northwest exhibit. The zoo serves about 700,000 people at the zoo, schools, senior and community centers all around the region with education programs on preservation and field research. The zoo also holds concert series and seasonal events which help to draw more attention to the zoo. This is a great attraction for the entire family to enjoy while on vacation.     

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry also known as OMSI was founded in 1944 and is one of the nation's leading science museums. The OMSI is 219,000 square feet of fun and interactive space with hands on exhibits. There are five exhibit halls, eight science labs, a giant screen OMNIMAX Dome Theater, a planetarium that has the most technologically advanced equipment in the Pacific Northwest. The museum also holds the USS Blueback submarine and the last fast attack diesel powered submarine that was built by the United States Navy. This museum is not only fun for the whole family but educational at the same time.        

The Tom McCall Waterfront Park is a famous spot for families to explore, relax, and enjoy in Portland. To the locals it is just simply called Waterfront Park which is the center of activity most of the time in Portland with festivals, parades, performers, and a true taste of Rip City. Visitors can take a walk along the Willamette River where there is always something interesting to see. The park has basketball courts and plenty of open green space. This truly is a place of relaxation and excitement at the same time.            

The First Congregational Church of Christ was first founded in 1851, however the current sanctuary and bell tower were built in 1891. The architect that designed this church was Henry J. Hefty and he wanted to resemble the Old South Church in Boston. The designer of the stained glass windows was the Povey Brothers of Portland. The church is filled with people of all different ages, education, races, abilities, sexual orientations and gender. Which simply means the church welcomes anyone and everyone to come worship. Of course the church has Sunday School and Confirmation Class for the children and youth. The building is what catches visitors eyes and it is very interesting to visit and explore.            

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The Classical Chinese Garden in Portland

Historic Attractions in Portland

The Japanese Garden in Portland was inspired in 1958 when Portland became a sister to Sapporo, Japan. The society for the Japanese Garden formed in the 1960's by Portland's citizens. It was in 1962 when the City Council established the garden on the same site where the former Washington Park Zoo used to be. There are five different gardens in the Japanese Garden which include the Flat Garden, The Stroll Garden, The Tea Garden, the Natural Garden, and the Sand and Stone Garden. This Japanese Garden is a total of 5.5 acres and the great part about a Japanese garden is when people enter the garden they feel a sense of peace, harmony, and tranquility.           

The Pioneer Courthouse is located right in the middle of downtown Portland. The square of the Pioneer Courthouse is known as Portland's "living room." This is the single most visited city in Oregon due to the 26,000 people passing by everyday along with the thousands of people visiting it directly. The Pioneer Courthouse Square is one of the most visited outdoor venues due to holding more than 300 events every year. These events range from large concerts and runs into cultural festivals. This is the city's true symbol with its bricks that represent the people that have made Portland an amazing city and still continue to do so.             

It was in 1847 when Danford Balch arrived in Oregon, he is the original owner and settler of the Macleay Park. He settled his donation claim in 1850 which is when he carved out a large piece of the forest for his large log cabin which held himself, his wife, and their nine children. Some time in the 1880's the claim was finally sold to Donald Macleay who later in 1897 gave the land to the city. This park has trails and creeks that are beautiful and set off a sense of relaxation. There are disabled access restrooms on property as well as a natural area and trails for hiking.        

The Classical Chinese Garden started out at first as just a dream in the early 1980's. It became more of a realization in 1988 when Suzhou, China and Portland became sister cities. The garden first opened on September 14, 2000 and is as big as one city block or about 40,000 square feet. There is a lake that is included with the garden which is about 8,000 square feet and named Lake Zither. The garden tries to offer tours on a daily basis around noon but the tours are not mandatory but they are free. The garden is available for rent for weddings and other events as well. The garden also has a Tea Garden which is run by the Tao of Tea and is located in the Tower of Cosmic Reflections.