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Madrid City Main

The Historical Wonder of Spain

Madrid, the largest city and capital of Spain, is a sophisticated modern city sitting amongst
the legacies of a historical past combining Christian and Muslim heritages. Being the king's
residence, it is the third most populated city in the European Union, and country's political,
economical, and financial nerve center. Considered to be the major financial hub of the Iberian
Peninsula because of it market size, living standards and economic output. With 21st century
infrastructure, Madrid still has the look of great history. Some of the more well known historic sites
include: the Buen Retiro park (circa 1631), the National Library (circa 1712) holding numerous
historical archives, the Royal Palace of Madrid, Villahermosa Palace containing the Thyssen-Bornemisza
Museum, the Prado Museum with one of the world's best art collections in the world, and museums
of archaeology and art that are world renown.

While how the city's name came about is confusing, it was settled in late B.C., when the Romans started a settlement on the banks of the Manzanares river, however it has been occupied since the Paleolithic era. Archeological findings have uncovered remains from the Visigoth era, but the start of today's name came about when Muhammad I had a palace built, which remains today and is called the Palacio Real. During medieval times, 2 kingdoms merged into what is Spain today; Castile and Aragon, under Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand II, both Christians. Charles I of Spain, their grandson preferred Seville to be the capital and royal court, by his son, Philip II made it Madrid in 1561. Known as the golden triangle of art, 3 museums in the city is thought to be one of the most prolific destinations for art museums in Europe. At the Reina Sofia Museum, Picasso's Guernica is hung.

Almost in the center of the peninsula, this unique blend of old and new has created a city that is considered one of the best capitals in the west. It endeavors to bring a very hospitable mix of the modern and historical in regards to accommodations, eateries, architecture and art.  Madrid is such an amazing city with beautiful, historical architecture, multi-cultural, and a smorgasbord of delectable cuisine, it is a city that must be visited whenever you think about going to Europe. It is positively a must see and must visit on a list of places to be seen around the world. You will never run out of things to do, places to see, tours to enjoy and eating establishments to savor.

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Alcala de Henares - Via Complutense Car Rental  Via Complutense 119 at the corner of Calle Avila, Madrid, (Alcala de Henares), Spain
Plaza de Espana Car Rental  Plaza de Espana 18 - Torre de Madrid, Local 17
Madrid, Spain
Hotel Villamagna Car Rental  Paseo de la Castellana 22 Primera Planta del Parking,
Madrid, Spain
Rivas Vacia Madrid - Centro Comercial Rivas Futura Car Rental  Isaac Peral, 2 Edificio A Local 8 A, Madrid, (Rivas Vacia Madrid), Spain

Paseo de las Delicias Car Rental  Paseo de las Delicias, 74
Madrid, Spain 

Estacion de Tren Atocha - Atocha RR Station Car Rental  Centro Comercial - Local 5
Madrid, Spain

Madrid Arches

Tours in Spain

Madrid has many beautiful and exciting museums, with marvelous works of art, and the exterior's are
exquisite detailed examples of architecture spanning thousands of years. Besides the ones mentioned
earlier, is Almudena Cathedral, National Archaeological, Museum of the Americas, the Naval Museum, the
Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, and many more; some being casa-museos, (house museum).

With over 650 hotels and accommodations, varying in ages from ancient to modern, this city can offer you
any type of room or suite you can think of.  From the simple to the grandiose, local to international,
you will have no problems finding your kind of place; but with all the things to do, you'll find that you
don't have much time to spend in a room other than to shower and change clothes.  And don't you worry
about finding a place to dine, whatever your taste buds can dream of, from simple every day local fare to
the most exotic, exquisite cuisine your palate desires, one of the over 2400 restaurants, cafes, taverns,
or roadside vendors, you will be splendidly satisfied. After you've cleaned up and had a bite, you will
want to do one of the almost 300 listed things to do in this marvelous city. A rather unusual way to travel through the city and enjoy its offerings is by cable car. Within 20 minutes of downtown Madrid, this transport will give you a unique and different view of the city. It will also take you to the zoo, a major theme park and museums galore.

Whatever means of travel you enjoy or think you would venture, you will find here; segway, motorbike,
bicycle, hiking, hot air balloon, walking (some with wine tasting), luxury, custom, cable car, train, bi-
plane, touring car or bus, and just plain old strolling along. The Reina Sofia was renovated from a
hospital built in the 1700s, housing some of the best of the 20th century Spanish artists. When you are
ready to do some shopping, the best place to visit is the Rastro Market, a modern flea market set in what
once was a large meat market in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Rastro means stain, garnished from the many
visible blood stains left from animals that were dragged into the marketplace. The one museum you must
visit while here is the Museo Arqueologico Nacional containing artifacts from the early history of
Madrid, with ancient Rome, Greek and Egyptian pieces.  Some of the pieces are world famous and demand a
closer look.  When you want to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of this fabulous city, take a
leisurely stroll through the Parque del Buen Retiro covered in beautifully landscaped gardens, grasses and
marble monuments; but only during the week, please. A different and unique tour bus is available that
will allow you to get on and off the bus at various points of interest or just sit and enjoy the whole
tour at once. Another is the private photography tour that during the 4 hours, you will thoroughly enjoy the best sights Madrid has to offer with your own personal tour guide. Not only will you get the best pictures possible, but you will learn all about the history of the objects as well. A bike tour is available, as well as riding a segway. With such a diverse population and heritage, there doesn't seem to be any original special meal credited to Madrid or the surrounding area. It is the second largest purveyor of fish, behind Tokyo, with menus to delight the choosiest of taste buds.

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Madrid things to do

Things to do in Spain

The magnificent Plaza Mayor square, started in 1620, is one of the city's more visited places. Next to the plaza, the aristocratic middle of the city houses the beautiful Royal Palace. Throughout the city are other historically preserved, aesthetic examples of Barogue and classical styles which include the Opera House, Almudena Cathedral, fountains, museums and unique shops.

Madrid is home to a myriad of art and culture that is not only important to its growth and popularity, but to the citizens, who exemplify the warm and inviting nature of this great city. Home also to over 70 museums portraying the plethora of human philosophy, the Prado is one of the world's foremost art galleries with works by Velasquez, Goya and El Greco, the Thyssen-Bornemisza housing more 800 tapestries, sculptures and paintings, and last but not  least is the Reina Sofia National Art Center dedicated to Spanish artisans including Picasso, Miro, Dali and Gris.

The city can boast about its many concerts, ballets, theater and exhibitions. There are open-air dances called verbenas, bars, taverns, clubs, discos, flamenco clubs and festivals; the most internationally known being the San Isidro bullfight; regarded as the world's most meaningful. Everywhere you travel, the people are open, friendly and always hospitable making the city a joy to visit.  Madrid abounds with teatro or theaters, plazas, fountains, palaces, as well as a considerable amount of orchestras, operas and music houses. Not only can you enjoy the enchantment of the classical, but be amazed at the settings of these events, where many are historical monuments, hundreds, even thousands of years old. Madrid is a city ready to mesmerize your senses. Are you ready to be inspired, overwhelmed, adventurous and so excited that you can't sleep at night?  Madrid is.  If you are in the mood for nightclubbing, then the Joy Madrid is the city's most famous and visited by the world's wealthy and famous. Also a favorite with the local citizenry.  The Zoo Aquarium de Madrid is home to over 2030 species of mammals and birds situated on over 50 acres with over 70 varieties of poisonous snakes, comprising of a black mambo and vipers from Gabon. Dolphins, sea lions and seals have performances during the day that excite and thrill the audiences who love these exceptional mammals.